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Why do I need to address Psychological Critical Incident Response in my workplace?
Apart from the OHS legislation, work-related stress (Critical Incidents) has other consequences for organisations. Work-related stress does not just affect the individual and the team, it can also be very costly to organisations. If workers are suffering from stress and the impact of Critical Incident, there may be an increase in absenteeism, staff turnover and a significant loss of productivity, performance and profitability for the organisation.
Furthermore, the average cost of worker's compensation claims for work-related stress tends to be nearly double the average cost of other claims.

Are the psychological risk factors that lead to work-related stress
costly to fix?

Reducing the cost and frequency of Critical Incidents does not need to cost the workplace a lot of money. It may be as simple as getting the appropriate advice and developing relevant policy. Consultation with staff and specialist is an important component of identifying and reducing the psychological risk factors relating to Critical Incidents. Having a plan that outlines Psychological Risk Mitigation for personnel on the ground is essential. In fact being prepared saves the organisation money, enhances productivity and maintains the professional reputation, which is priceless.

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