Our specialist team can help you address your oganisational issues in a tailored, cost effective and efficient manner.

Human Resources Support,
Staff Selection,
Crisis Management Training,
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP),
Conflict Resolution,
Career Transition Services,
Leadership development and more.


Highly skilled Psychologists offering a broad range of support. Specialising in: depression, trauma, anxiety, goal setting, performance enhancement, career support, workers compensation and more.
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We provide Telepsychology services to clients who have difficulty seeking office-based support and for those living in remote and regional areas. We have options including telephone, internet media and video conferencing.
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Services Explained

The team at Critical Components is comprised of skilled Psychologists with a broad range of experiences, offering more than just counselling.

The excellence of our dedicated clinicians is paralleled only by our warm and supportive administrative staff, adept in coordinating and supporting clients through their process of recovery.

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